Terms and Conditions

Based on the terms and conditions to seal the deal between the company and client for a successful transaction, we outline the rules below

1. Now-exchange is an online exchange platform a subsidiary of I-Tech Solution (Infotechweb Ventures ),therefore all financial transactions  must be done with the bank name and account number associated with the company name.

2. Third - Party Payment: Nowexchange do not support or encourage third -party transaction, client account name must be the same with their bank account details .

3. Our clients should always check for price rate update on the side before doing any transaction on the platform because our price rate can change at any giving time without seeking the permission of any client.

4. All deposits in both funding InstaForex or buying cryptocurrencies must be evaluated in our local currency naira before converting to their account in dollar .

5.Depositing Rate: Our depositing rate to fund instaForex is of two types client rate and non - client rate. Our client rate is on a low side than non -client rate, to become our client you must open instaForex account from our website .

6.Withdrawal Rate : We also have two types of withdrawal which is client rate and non client rate ,to benefit high withdrawal rate then open your instaforex trading account on our website .

7.All client account must be traded minimum of 15 working days (active trading must carry out on the account).

8. For internal transfer between account from non-client account to client account must be actively traded for minimum of 30 trading days before withdrawing on client rate otherwise it will be treated as non client .

9. We do not withdraw client fund from instaForex and pay to any other currency except naira .In case the same client need any other currency apart form naira, the transaction with be treated as buying of crypto or E-currencies with the present rate.

10.We are charging 1% VAT fee for all withdrawal transactions.

Contact us for any clarification support@nowexchange.i-techwebventures.com.ng